Channel 4 News Features Snow College

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Channel 4 News visited Snow College on October 14 to highlight what makes Snow great.
Channel 4 News broadcast live from Snow College in the second week of their month long Good4Utah  College Road Tour. This year, the Good4Utah Road Tour is highlighting Utah colleges and universities.  The tour will visit eight colleges in Utah throughout the month of October.
“We want to showcase the schools in Utah, show what is good about them, and show the beautiful campuses,” said Spike Spiecha, the Creative Services Director at Channel 4 News.
“Usually in a small community, the news only covers bad things that happen,” said Spiecha. “We’re here to show the good.”
Channel 4 News’ visit to Snow College also gave students a look into what a newsroom is like. “We’re trying to recreate a little bit of what happens inside our studios” said George Severson, the Channel 4 News Director.
Snow College students gathered at the bell tower to listen to live music, eat free pizza, and talk to the news anchors and crew. News anchors spoke with students and faculty about what makes Snow College great, like small class sizes and the enthusiasm and helpfulness of professors.
Selected segments from the broadcast can be found at

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