Cheering On Our Sports Teams

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many of this year’s sports to be cancelled or postponed, and this has made a huge impact on the Snow College Cheer Team. Even though the team has had a lot of difficulties throughout the year, they are still going strong and making a lot of good progress.
This past year, the cheer team has had many cancelled practices and postponed games. Because of this, the team had to make a lot of last-minute changes to their routines for all of the performances. Even though they had to make these changes, it shows how hard-working the team is.
Josie Anderson explains that she is the most proud of how the team has handled all the sudden changes in routine. She says, “We have done a great job at making the adjustments that we need for our performances, but overall we have had a lot of fun and have learned a lot of cool stunts and routines!”
Josie also continues to say, “I have loved the opportunity to be on cheer this year! It has been a great way for me to be involved, and it is so much fun!”
This past year, the cheer tryouts were online where students had to submit a video. This year however, tryouts will be in person. They will be held on April 24th where there is a clinic from 9 to 12 (tryouts will begin at 1).
During the clinic, students wishing to try out will be taught different cheers and dances that will be demonstrated in the actual tryout. The coaches will also want to see any stunting and tumbling.
Any students who are interested in trying out for the Snow College Cheer Team should check out the Snow College athletics website for any additional information.

Katrina Furr is a freshmen at Snow College who is aspiring to be a journalist. She loves all types of music and especially loves to sing and play the flute. She also loves spending time with her family and friends along with playing with her dog Bentley. Katrina is excited to finish spring semester at Snow College and then she wants to pause her schooling to go on a mission for the LDS church.

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