Christmas in October

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A neighborhood in Kaysville, Utah is decorated and ready for the holidays. However, they are not decorated for Halloween. This neighborhood is decorated with Christmas lights and other Christmas decorations.

Blaine Smith was recently diagnosed with stage four metastatic non-small cell lung cancer which has now spread to his bones. Blaine has been told he only has three months left to live.

Christmas has been one of Blaine’s favorite holidays, and with only three months left to live, he might not live to see another Christmas day. Blaine’s brothers and his wife Debra put up and decorated a Christmas tree in his home. Friends and family caught on and within days, they had gathered and helped create a Christmas atmosphere throughout the neighborhood, even though it is only October.

“We didn’t think we were starting a movement in the neighborhood,” Debra said. “We were just our little family, just putting up the tree for Blaine.”

From his hospital bed on Monday evening, Blaine was able to look out the window as parents and children gathered to sang Christmas carols for him.

The Smiths say their neighbors have always been friends, but this year, they became angels.

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