Christmas Music: Thanksgivings Worst Nightmare   

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Thanksgiving and Christmas, two holidays where usually family and friends are strengthened, are the two holidays where opinions are divided.
When is it too early for Christmas music? Does Christmas music take away from the Thanksgiving holiday?  There are many opinions on this subject which have been formed over many years and through personal experimentation of when to turn on these jolly jingles.
HaileyJo Hansen, a student at Snow College, added her thoughts when she said, “I think that listening to Christmas music should be a gradual process.  November is the month of Thanksgiving, but I think that listening to Christmas music should begin in the middle of November.” She explained her reasoning with, “When Thanksgiving comes and goes, you don’t have to miss a beat preparing for Christmas.”
Another Snow College student, Allie Coats input, “Thanksgiving is too early for Christmas music to be played.  You shouldn’t mix holidays.  After Thanksgiving, go to town with the Christmas music, but before, just focus on being thankful with the Thanksgiving holiday.”
Many students at Snow College have similar feelings to HaileyJo or Allie.  Some like to have a longer amount of time to listen to “Santa’s playlist”, and others feel like holidays should be taken one step at a time.  What are some defining factors to deciding when Christmas music is appropriate?  Here are a few thoughts that could help decide when is the best time to tune in.
First: personal preference.  Some people could listen to music of the holidays all year around. Others aren’t as enthusiastic when it comes to giving up their country, pop, and rap for the classic sounds of “Jingle Bell Rock.”
Second: Time of year.  The leaves are falling and it’s time for cozy pajamas, fireplaces, and hot chocolate. But is it time for “White Christmas” to be played yet?
If the decision to listen to Christmas music after those two suggestions still isn’t coming easy, then think of the holidays that are upcoming.  Is it really Christmastime before Thanksgiving? If the answer is yes, then let it ring loud and proud.  If the answer is no, then hold off until the turkey dinner has been eaten.
Hopefully this year, this question can be answered once and for all.

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