Climate March Makes History

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Just two days before the United Nations was to meet for the Climate Summit, a worldwide protest called the People’s Climate March was held.

The People’s Climate March made history with over 2,646 rallies in over 162 countries. The largest march was in New York City where an estimated 310,000 people joined the march. Demonstrators across the world joined in Perth, London, Dublin, and many more.

There were protestors holding signs that ranged from broad warnings like “Climate Crisis Ahead” to an actual call to action like “Ban Fracking Now!”

The march started with professor and activist Bill McKibben calling for actions that limit greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. NPR  quotes McKibben, “The stakes are the future of the planet, and so far, we’ve seen essentially no action from world leaders that matter on this question.”

At the United Nations Climate Summit two days later, the marches were proven effective as leaders responded to the marches. President Barack Obama stated in his remarks to the summit, “Our citizens keep marching.  We cannot pretend we do not hear them.  We have to answer the call.”

On the campaigns website, the motto is “To Change Everything, We Need Everyone.” The worldwide march had one of the largest turnouts that any kind of campaign has ever received. The People’s Climate March made big waves in upcoming climate policy change.

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