Clown Protection: Pepper Spray vs Wasp Spray

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The clown apocalypse is here. The clowns are everywhere! Don’t be caught without defense—be safe when the clowns come out to scare.

When asked how one would defend himself against a raid of clowns Snow College Professor Jeff Carney says, “Um… a squirt gun. Yeah, I think that would work.” Although water guns are fun, there are other things better for self-defense. Along the lines of protection, one of the most iconic types is pepper spray. Pepper spray is very painful to an attacker. Not only is it a strong irritant to the eyes, but it also aggravates the skin and respiratory system of the attacker temporarily addling them.

Although it may seem tempting to use something like a baseball bat, golf club, or even a chainsaw for protection against the clowns, a cheaper option is a common household item—wasp spray!

Compared side by side, wasp spray has much more value than the common defense of pepper spray.

Pepper Spray:

-Average amount of product: 11 grams.

-Price range: 10-50 dollars.

-Average spraying distance: 2-15 feet.

-Available to only adults over the age of eighteen. Primarily sold online.

Wasp Spray:

-Average amount of product: 496 grams.

-Price range: 2-5 dollars.

-Average spraying distance: 20-30 feet.

-Available to any age within reason.  Sold in almost every convenience store.

October marks the time of pumpkins, leaves, candy, and frights. This October has brought a common fear to the forefront. Coulrophobia, defined by Google as the fear of clowns, has become more and more prevalent in society.

When asked what she thought of the clown problem, Snow College student Kinzey Greenhalgh said, “Some people are taking it seriously, some people are taking it as a joke, and some people are legitimately scared of clowns. Solution: don’t dress up like clowns.” Stopping the clowns is an almost impossible task. Staying safe is not as impossible. Get wasp spray today! Stay protected from the Clown Apocalypse.

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