Club Rush Brings Students Together

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Club Rush brings an opportunity to students at Snow College to join a club and be more involved on campus. There are several clubs to choose from to fit most students’ interests. They range from Badger Bikes to the Rowdy Crowd, and even include Snow Krew and Western Swing, for those interested in dancing. Instead of the two-day event in previous years, this year hosted a three day extravaganza. It stretched from Wednesday, September 6th through Friday, September 8th. The event went from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm with taquitos provided on the first day. 

Karen Valdez, who helped organize Club Rush, says, “Club Rush was such a great turnout! It was so exciting to see so many students and clubs come out and mingle! There was an overwhelming amount of clubs there to see and participate with”. 

There were a handful of clubs that made their presence known during the second half of the week. Magic the Gathering was there to help enlist those who enjoy the strategic card game. There were also other cultural clubs to join such as Latinos in Action, the Black Student Union, and the International Students club.  

Another Snow College student, Taeya Amendola, says, “Everyone at Club Rush is super friendly and inviting. There are a lot of clubs to choose from. I was surprised there was even a Pokemon Go! Club. I recommend going next year if you didn’t go this year and the free food was great. I signed up for a few clubs like Snow Roots and the Yoga Club”. 

If students missed Club Rush, most clubs are still accepting members. Many of the clubs are listed in the Greenwood Student Center with more information to get involved on campus. 

P.R.I.D.E Club shows students how to braid and make their own colorful bracelets. Club Rush gives an opportunity for students to check out cool clubs around campus.
Photo by Eduardo Hernandez

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