Club Rush Spring 2017

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On January 18, 2017, Club Rush was hosted by Snow College’s Student Life. Students were given delicious taquitos and salsa for attending. This was such a big hit because, even if students did not want to sign up for a club they were able to come and enjoy the food and socialize with friends. Many students said that they had a really positive experience.

This is a time when students come together to get other Snow College students involved. Many students are always eager to join clubs, because they want to get the “ultimate college experience.” By getting involved students can get to see the bigger picture of what it really takes to make this campus go round.

Club Rush included many clubs such as: Yoga, Pokémon go, International club, Tennis club, Poly club, Latinos in Action, Black Student Union, Outdoor club, and many more. There is something on this campus for every student to get involved in.  There is a strong correlation with doing well in school and being involved with extracurricular activities.

Schuyler Bradley, the Student Body vice president at Snow College voiced his thoughts, “Club Rush is the moment students are able to get in touch with their Snow Pride and to make their mark.”  Snow College is here to let everyone have a good experience and a way to make their mark by being involved.

So what do students think about club rush? Is it during a good time for everyone to stop by after their classes and sign up for a club? I asked Thane Tyler, to share his thoughts on this issue.  He said, “I think it’s fun, I like signing up for anything that looks appealing. I usually only end up participating in one or two clubs, it brings me out of my shell a little. The hard part is actually getting to club rush.” At times, students have so many things going on in their lives that it is hard to get to school events.

Snow College students should go out there and make their mark. There are wonderful opportunities to do so with many amazing clubs on this campus. Once a badger, always a badger!

Chinese Club Kyle Christian

Service Club Emily Kidman

Service Club Emily Kidman

Ultimate Frisbee Club Jose Espindola

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