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For college students, finances are often a source of stress. There are some students who have part-time jobs to help ease the financial burden that college expenses often bring. Snow College provides a venue for students to earn money while working on campus and with people who are flexible to your class schedule and your extracurricular activities.

For Snow College students thinking of getting a job to work on the side or an internship, Career Badger is a good place to start looking. On the website (which is listed below), you can find a list of all of the job openings available for college students. These jobs cover a wide range of areas, from medical technologist to teaching jobs to internship opportunities.

The Career Badger office is located in the business building in room 111. Their phone number is (435) 283- 7648 and their hours of operation vary day to day but are listed on the website In addition to normal office hours, they also are out by the bell tower on Thursdays from 11-3 P.M. If you or a friend here at Snow College are thinking of looking for a job, Career Badger is the place to start the process.

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