Future Students get a Taste of Snow

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Aubree Christiensen, Ellie Howard, and Lauren Christiansen are Snow College Ambassadors helping guide High Schoolers around campus. Snow Blast is meant to give High Schoolers experience in what it’s like to go to Snow College. Photo by Braidan Seely

College students have all had to ask themselves difficult questions about the future. What do they want to do when they grow up? When should they move out? What college do they want to attend? There are high school seniors asking themselves those same exact questions right now. Programs have been made to give high school students a peek into the college world. Some may not yet know about the program at Snow College, and miss out on the opportunity to explore its campus, dorms, etc.

The Snow Blast is where high school students are welcome to spend two days and a night on campus. They have an opportunity to experience activities, sleep in the doors and get a large tour of the campus. With a member of the Snow College Ambassadors as their guide, high school students can feel confident in asking questions or discussing concerns and are encouraged to do so. “There are so many friendly people here and it feels like anyone can be themselves here,” Noted Rachael Nelson, a student from the Sandy Utah area who attended this past Snow Blast on April 5th.

Many regret not taking hold of the opportunity to explore colleges on campus where one can learn about things not on a college website. Things like the environment, the atmosphere, the professors and so on. Rachael experienced this first hand and plans to use her Snow College trip as a base for other college’s she may look into. Something that she will be looking for specifically. “I’m definitely going to look more into how the students act on campus. Are they happy where they are? How do the professors treat the students? Do they push for the involvement of others?” The Snow Blast is not only a place to learn about the campus, but to also make connections. This is done through set events.

There are games in the commons, meals provided, a tour, but the most anticipated event from the Snow Blast is always an interactive activity for both college students and visiting students. Some of the past events have consisted of a hypnotist, illusionist and this last Snow Blast was a dance! This is where students can make friends easily and not feel so alone in an unknown area. Here at Snow College, the school strives for the comfort and support of it’s students, beyond the ones who are already enrolled and attending.

Encourage curious High school students to attend a Snow Blast so that they can have a great experience and gain a good idea of college life.

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