Convocation: A Learning Opportunity for Students

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“I hope you will always remember Snow College” was among President Carlston’s opening remarks at Convocation on January 14. However, President Carlston is not the only  presenter scheduled to attend this semester’s Convocation Arts and Lecture Series. Future presenters include Grammy nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker, singer/songwriter David Archuleta, and the theatrical performing group from the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

The definition of “convocation” is a gathering of a large group of people. Celia Benson, Instructor for Convocation, said, “The primary objective of the Convocation Arts and Lecture Series is to provide a broad selection of diverse learning experiences for a large number of students. The main purpose is to learn something you didn’t know before, possibly through a sensory avenue you’ve never exercised before…Every new encounter increases your understanding of the world in which you live… if you open your mind to it.”

During his speech entitled, College, Character, and Country, President Carlston urged students to “look a little beyond what you see”. He spoke about the large amount of opportunities in education that are now readily available to us. He also urged students to continue their education after Snow College, ensuring that it will benefit not only students but also the community.

Convocation presenters vary from musicians, theatre performers, dancers, authors, athletes, motivational speakers, and much more. Convocation is a one credit course that can be repeated for credit. Although students enrolled in the class get first priority for seats, convocation is open to the public. All students and faculty are welcome to gather in the Eccles’ building to share these learning experiences together.

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