Convocations: Jodi Graham

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Despite COVID-19, Snow College Convocations is still up and running for students and the public.
With some people attending the lecture in person, there is the option to watch current and old lectures online by searching Snow College Convocations.
Convocations is free to the public and one credit for students with the option of Convocations Plus (GNST 1065) for an additional credit. Students are able to take convocations over and over again with the credits adding up.
Each convocations lecture is unique and informative, to see the calendar of convocations visit “” by search Snow College Convocations or come to the Essles Center for Performing Arts building on Thursdays from 12:30pm till 1:20pm.
On April 1st, Jodi Graham, Executive Director, Utah Humanities, gave her lecture for convocations about “All of the Sudden” moments throughout her life.
From her job opportunity at Utah Haminities, to moving to Austria for two years, to Wyoming’s cold weather, and then back to Utah for her original job followed by the unexpected pandemic.
She then went into tying humanities into each big moment, even though unexpected, in her life illustrating that humanities are just the “Human Ties” that connect us all.

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