Coronavirus is Nearing a Pandemic

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The Coronavirus is sweeping through the world. 57 countries have confirmed cases of the incredibly infectious disease, totaling over 80,000 cases. So far there are only 53 cases confirmed in the United States; most cases are originating from China. In total, nearly 2,500 people have died. The most common symptoms are fevers, coughing, and shortness of breath.The symptoms first appeared in China in December, where the first people were diagnosed. We still don’t know very much information on the mysterious disease, and countries have been careful trying to make it seem like they haven’t been affected as badly. This makes it difficult to get accurate numbers.

People are trying to be extremely catious to keep the virus from spreading further. It is believed to be transferred from animals to humans but that hasn’t been confirmed. China has shut down many of their businesses in order to minimize potential contact and have set up several hospitals for the sick. 

As the world gets closer and closer to a possible pandemic, people are scrambling for a cure. Many countries are working for a vaccine or drug that will help to control or cure this terrible disease, and some have moved to human drug testing to try to speed up results. Some tests have been promising so far, like a drug called remdesivir. Others have shown to have no effect on the virus.

WHO (World Health Organization) says that the best way for people to prevent further spreading is to wash hands and be sure to stay away from sneezing or coughing. As the disease contiues to spread to other people and places, it is critical we do all we can to prevent it from doing so.

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