Cost of Tuition Going Up?

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Snow College students could potentially see a raise of tuition next school year.

On March 2nd, members of the student fee advisory board, students, administrators and President Cook gathered together in the Noyes Building and met via Zoom to discuss a potential tuition increase for the 2021-2022 school year.

This discussion on tuition increase occurs each year and provides a time for involved parties to discuss and evaluate current and future costs and fees for the college. This meeting was a preface to a later meeting held on March 25th before the Board of Education, where the final decision will be made.

President Brad Cook started out the meeting by assuring that “Snow College will remain the lowest tuition in the state. That will not change.” Cook went on to explain the source of the college’s funding as well as why tuition will be raised for the 2021-2022 school year. “This is an important part of being a public college in Utah. We want to make sure that no adjustments to our tuition or student fees are made without some transparency and reasoning why behind it.” Cook stated.

Snow College is proposing to increase tuition by up to a maximum of 5% for the 2021-22 school year, while also slightly decreasing mandatory student fees. The additional funding will support salaries and benefits for faculty and staff and other state requirements. The fees that will be removed are the computer and graduation fees. So while tuition will go up, fees will go down.

Matt Griffin, the Student Body President of Snow College and a member of the student fee advisory board, explained the reasoning behind the adjustment of student fees. He said, “When we were looking at student fees we determined that the computer and graduation fees were used universally and could be moved over to tuition.” He continued, “With those fee amounts now moved to tuition we can be more flexible in dispersing those fees in needed areas.”

The student fee advisory board has put out a letter to students that breaks down the proposed changes. That information along with the full video meeting can be found on the Snow College website in administration under the “truth in tuition” tab.Questions, concerns and feedback can be submitted to Student Body Officers, Office of Administrative Services, or

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