COVID-19 & Getting A Vaccine

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Covid-19 vaccines are available, but are they worth the risk?

The Covid-19 vaccine has been a big debate ever since the first wave of the virus hit the world, creating a world wide pandemic in 2020. Now, vaccine productions have rolled out and countries across the world are receiving the Moderna and Pfizer vaccinations. However, there is some concern over the new vaccine because any side effects and allergies to the vaccine have not yet been discovered.

In regards to the concerns that people have about possible side effects with the vaccine, Darrin Brown, who works for the Utah Tri-County Health Department says, “With all vaccines there’s a percentage [of people] that will have a reaction to it. Quite a few people that get the vaccine will feel sore in their arm, get mild covid like symptoms, and it’s common for a few hours. To me it’s worth it to put up with that for a few hours.” 

The Covid-19 Vaccine is one of the fastest produced vaccines in the history of the world. According to Sandra Cohen with UCLA Health the last vaccine to be produced “from development to deployment was the mumps vaccine in the 1960’s which took about four years.” So, why is this vaccine so important to understand and in the long run?  Why is it important to get the vaccine?  Gaining the knowledge and understanding about what scientists and health directors know about the vaccine could ultimately help with the decision on whether or not to get the vaccine. Vaccines, although there have been a lot of flack geared towards the idea, have helped with the fighting of once deadly diseases that had run rampant in the world. Katelynn Thompson, a student at Snow College and who is studying to become a nurse, said, “It’s important that we understand that getting vaccinated is a good idea, so that we can go back to doing normal things. Covid is putting a hold on everything, so it is important to get vaccinated so we can go back to normal.” 

Covid-19 has caused a lot of issues for the world and has made living a little more difficult. A vaccine provides a semblance of hope that there will soon be an end to the virus.

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