Creating a College Experience Through Clubs

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On Wednesday, students gather in the GSC to see what kind of clubs Snow College has to offer. The lively atmosphere creates a perfect place for clubs to show off what they have to offer.

Spanning from different dance, outdoor, education, or culture clubs, Snow offers something for all students. This gives students opportunities to get out and experience new things. 

Members of the Student Alumni Association, Shaylee Tippets and Abby Larsen, hand out Snow College at swag, at Club Rush in hopes student will join. Photo taken by McKale Tolley

Club presidents urge students to join clubs for multiple reasons. One, clubs create friendships with people with common interests. Dalling Davis, Snows Skateboarding Club President, states, “Clubs help to nurture an environment of peace and friendship. It allows people of different backgrounds come together to connect and find comradery.” 

To add to friends, clubs bring fun activities for people to participate in. Jett Ledoux, Super Snow Bro’s Vice President, said, “If you don’t have friends, find a club! They are a good way to have lots of fun for any activity!”

Not only friends and fun activities, but clubs give students opportunities.Michael Broderick, President of the Biology and LDSSA clubs, goes into this by saying,“Clubs provide an out-of-classroom opportunities to meet and spend time with like-minded people. It’s also a great way to make connections and set up leadership opportunities.” This does not only present opportunities during college, but later in life as well. Paeton Taufer, Snows Roots Garden Club president, 

“Student should join clubs here at Snow College because with the clubs you can learn different things that can bring you into new career fields that you never thought about. They can also just show you different parts of the world that you never notice.”

Badgers, get involved and take advantage of the friends, fun, and opportunities in the many different clubs Snow has to offer. 

Danielle Pidcock is a student at Snow college working towards a degree in journalism. She chose journalism for her love of writing and how it can impact people. With her words she hopes to influence people for the better and one day help them live life to their best ability.

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