Creative Ways to Pay for College

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Making it through college can be quite tough without worrying about paying for it. In a country where 71 percent of students have student loans, it is easy to want to take out a loan just to get through. But is it really the best way to go about it? There are many good ways to go about paying for this investment without breaking the bank.

One tip that is commonly heard, to find scholarships. Many know about scholarships and how they help a lot of students in the country. What many people don’t know is how easy they are to get with a little bit of effort. There are many websites and activities at school have ways to apply and get help. There are also grants available but they don’t always cover enough. Daphnee Poulsen, a freshman at Snow College said, “I have a job and I have taken out student loans.” So, what are some alternative ways to find money for college?

One way to pay for school is through financial aid. “The purpose of financial aid is to assist students in paying for their education.”, stated by the Snow College Office of Financial Aid. There are also many schools that offer work study. Work study is a program established to assist students who need help while giving them a way to gain work experience.

Another option, less common, is called employment tuition reimbursement. It isn’t as easy as the other options but could be tremendously helpful. When future employers see potential, they sometimes will pay for schooling, provided a reasonable GPA is maintained. Depending on the company, there may be specific conditions that need to be upheld, but it may be worth it to pay for an education.

Whatever one decides to do to get through school, it is important to know the options. There are many other ways than going into debt. Hopefully, it becomes less stressful to find a way.


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