D-Bob Bailey: The Biggest Badger Fan

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D-Bob Bailey, the leader of the Rowdy Crowd, brings the heart and soul to Snow College Badger sports. From Missionary in Hawaii to ESPN highlight sensation, David Bob Bailey, or D-Bob as he is affectionately known, has been making an impact on everyone for as long as he has been alive. Native of Moroni, Utah: D-Bob now brings energy and enthusiasm to Snow College athletic events. When attending a Badger Event D-Bob is always in the spotlight; whether it’s because of his one armed pushups in front of the student section or even his custom cheers to pump up the crowd, it’s clear that D-Bob knows how to bring Snow College to life! 

 Many might make the erroneous assumption that it’s because D-Bob has Down syndrome that makes him so likeable- this however if far from the truth. Despite this challenge, Bethany Deschamps a freshman cheerleader said “He is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He lights up my entire day” D-bob has shown that limitations don’t have to hold anybody back. 

 “D-Bob is a Snow Badger through and through. You can’t have an encounter with him without putting a smile on your face,” Football Coach Andrew Mitchell cheerfully stated. A smile is the usual response when a person talks about D-Bob. Braxton Kerr the Snow College Quarterback added, “He really gets us fired up; he’s the best!” D-Bob impacts the life of every person he comes in contact with. He works closely with all of the Snow sports teams as a volunteer manager. Snow College athletics just wouldn’t be able to function without D-Bob.  

If students have learned anything from our friend D-Bob it is to not let obstacles hold you back. Even though he struggles with some physical limitations that others don’t have, he doesn’t let them define him. He goes at every day with a smile and tries to help everyone he comes in contact with! While attending Snow College event, look for D-Bob and he will surely put a smile on any ones face!  

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