Dance Over to Kaleidoscope

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Snow College Dance Ensemble has been preparing for months to perform in Kaleidoscope. Photo Courtesy of Darby Farr

Snow College Dance Ensemble has been preparing for months to perform in Kaleidoscope. Photo Courtesy of Darby Farr

As the school year winds down to the end, the dance department has been preparing for one more performance, which opens tomorrow at 7:30 pm.

Together, the Snow College Dance Ensemble, Ballroom Company, and Hip Hop Krew are taking the stage one last time in Kaleidoscope. “We chose the word Kaleidoscope as a title because when you look into a kaleidoscope, you see many different images,” said Dance Ensemble member Darby Farr. “That’s how this concert is. There are many different styles of dance that we are performing.”

Because dance is a form of expression, members of these ensembles are expecting many emotions to be drawn from the audience. “Dance tells a story, and each one is different,” said Alex Olson, a member of the Ballroom Company. “Modern Dance Ensemble is often strong in sadness and depression, ballroom is anger or happiness, and hip hop is wild and outgoing.”

Freshman Colton Andersen, another member of the Ballroom Company, had the chance to choreograph one of the dances. “The dance I choreographed is a Cabaret Paso, and it’s to the Daredevil Theme,” said Andersen. “It takes a lot of physicality and it’s really intense.”

Even outside of rehearsals, each member of the ensembles had to work hard to prepare. “We all needed to know our steps, and that requires practice outside of rehearsal,” said Olson, who also choreographed one of the dances. “We would put the music up on the Facebook page and dance to it, or we would find someone who could join us and we would practice lifts.”

Between rehearsals and practicing, dancers have been able to come closer together and gain new strong friendships and relationships. “[The members of Dance Ensemble] have gotten really close,” said Farr. “I love that I can say that I have ten new sisters.”

Kaleidoscope opens tomorrow in the Eccles Center Theater at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $3 with a student ID or $7 for the public.

Emily Suckow is a twenty year-old sophomore at Snow College. She grew up in South Jordan and graduated from Bingham High School in 2014. Being well-to do in the oboe, flute, and English horn, she was drawn to Snow for their four-year music major program, but has since switched her major and is pursuing a degree in Public Relations at this time. Emily spent her sophomore year at Snow College as Webmaster and Vice President of the Snowdrift, Snow College's student newspaper. When she was 13, Emily was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, but is currently cancer-free and loving life.

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