A Day in the Life of the Mailroom

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Keaton Evans in the golf cart used to deliver on campus mail. Photo by April Carver

Keaton Evans in the golf cart used to deliver on campus mail. Photo by April Carver

The frigid air came as a chilling wave as James Lamb entered the mailroom, carrying a load of packages. His face was cherry red from the cold from running Snow College’s mail route.

After taking a few minutes to warm up, he started loading up more packages into the golf cart. With its windshield and plastic hood, the golf cart rather resembled a moon buggy as it headed off into the snowy white landscape. This was just another day in the mailroom.

The mail room, which is located in the Greenwood Student Center, processes mail for faculty, students, and Snow College’s offices. By setting up a P.O. box in the mailroom, students can receive and ship packages. During peak times of the semester, like the beginning, the mailroom can be packed to the brim with packages waiting to be processed.

The duties of a mail clerk range from receiving packages and metering mail to running mail routes around Snow College. If anyone ever wondered how the chairs and tables in the GSC get mysteriously set up, members of the mailroom staff make it happen.

Not everything is busy all the time. Sydney Hawes, a mailroom employee, said the following about her job, “It is pretty relaxed and everyone gets along.”

However, with the variety of mail that comes through, no day is quite the same. Employees in the mailroom have seen items like: buckets of lampreys, couches, car bumpers, and even tires come through. When asked what the most interesting thing she had seen come through the mailroom, Brianna Powell, manager of the mailroom, said, “I once saw a student ship something in a large Sprite bottle.”

Each employee has their own package of stories to share. Tyler Pulli, a student who works in the mail room said, “I delivered an entire pallet of paper to the science building and the math lab in thirty minutes.” He also told a story about delivering mail to the entire campus while bundled up in a coat and wearing a pair of safety goggles.  Tyler said, “That was before we got the windshield on the golf cart.”

The golf cart itself has quite the history. Ian Spackman, who named the original golf cart “The Seabiscuit” after the famous race horse explained, “It was my stallion. I set records in that thing. At least before I ended up pushing it.” It has been replaced by the new golf cart which is named the Sea Swallow after the actual son of Seabiscuit.

Whether it be running around campus in a golf cart, sorting mail, or helping people open their P.O. boxes, the mailroom is about the students. For example, Chloe, an employee in the mailroom, said that one of her favorite experiences was being able to give a mission call to a student.  When asked what her favorite part about working in the mailroom was, Chloe Davis said, “I like how happy people are to get packages, and I like that I get to be the person who gives them that happiness.”

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