Snow College Considering More Four-Year-Degrees

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Isai Willemse works diligently on a computer.

Isai Willemse works diligently on a computer. Photo by Cheyenne Davis

Snow College is considering adding more four- year degrees along with its degree in commercial music.

Dan Black, department chair and professor of chemistry at Snow College, explained that the college is currently talking about adding another four- year degree in either biology or computer science. He said the degree in computer science is more likely, though they are only in the very early stages of discussion.

The degree would be software oriented and Professor Black emphasized that it would a quality, math intensive degree that would prepare the student for real work in the real world.

If the college decides to add a computer science degree, they will be consulting with the computer science industry so that they can develop a degree that will prepare students for what employers are looking for.

Estimates on when this degree could be available are vague at best, with Professor Black commenting that before 2015 would be very unlikely.

As the college develops plans for more degrees, they take into consideration the needs of the students, the community and the industry they are preparing students to enter.

Computer science, according to the Snow College website, is “the systematic study of algorithmic processes that describe and transform information.” Computer science majors also study data structures, programming languages and software engineering.

Students also have the opportunity to write programs and design computing systems.

Another great benefit about studying computer science at Snow College is that during sophomore year, students can work as tutors, lab assistants and teaching assistants to gain experience outside of the classroom.

Job opportunities include teaching, research, software and computer engineering and information technology.

For more information on majoring in computer science, stop by the Student Success Office #241 in the GSC. Or give them a call at (435) 283-7313. Email them at Garth Sorenson in the Science Department would also be a good contact.

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