Digging for Date Ideas in Ephraim

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Here is the inside scoop to date ideas in Ephraim from girls themselves. Boys, enough with the “let’s hang out”. It is time to shoot your shot and take some girls on dates.

When asking about their favorite date, Jessica Mcbride, a sophomore at Snow, said, “Around 11 o’clock at night we hit golf balls off the mountain. We had brought glow sticks, cracked them and then spilled them on the golf balls. You could see them fly so far, it was so fun. It was something spontaneous, I’ve never done that before, and it was an original idea.” Boys, think outside the box and try new things. Ephraim may not have all the go to date activities, but that is where the fun begins.

Natalie Tolbert, an SBO here at Snow, stated, “My favorite date was when me and my boyfriend went up the canyon and drove around and did a little exploring. Then we came home, bought what we were going to eat from walmart and then made it. Later that night, we built a fort in my room and watched movies … you weren’t worried about anything else because it was all planned out and nothing could really go wrong.” Dates don’t have to be this big extravagant thing. Keep it simple and spontaneous.

Madison Bogh, a freshman student at Snow, shared, “I went shooting with a friend and we shot paint cans and paper over it so it made art …  [it was a favorite] mostly because of the activity just because it was different, fun, and unique.” If you’re getting to know someone, have some set activities that are fun and engaging.

Breanne Braithwaite, a Wellness advocate, said, “We went and got food, went up the canyon, and found a spot with a lake and we skipped rocks. It was really fun, then he turned up the music in his truck and danced with me. Then we laid out a blanket in the back of his truck, stargazed, and talked for two hours. It was cheap, he was easy to talk to, and it was creative.”

All of the dates were cheap, but well thought through. They were simple yet creative. With the holidays rolling in, they’re plenty of date ideas that go hand in hand with the season fun! Carve a pumpkin, paint the sunset, have a fire, experience a drive in movie, visit yo-crazy, or go bowling. Girls are not looking for a grand evening; just a night to remember. So guys, grab a date and plan a night full of memories.

Danielle Pidcock is a student at Snow college working towards a degree in journalism. She chose journalism for her love of writing and how it can impact people. With her words she hopes to influence people for the better and one day help them live life to their best ability.

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