Disney purchase of Fox: What it means

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Disney officially purchases 21st Century Fox March 20th, 2019 for $71.3B (according to NY Times), after over a year of negotiations. 

First reported in November of 2017 by CNBC, The Walt Disney Company has been interested in the acquisition of Fox. They originally bid $52.4B for their properties including FX Networks, National Geographic and their older cinematic releases from 20th Century Fox. This deal however hit a snag when AT&T merged with Time Warner Cable. This caused other companies like Comcast to also seek a merger in order to keep pace with the newly formed duo. This development caused Disney and Comcast to get in to a bidding war over the prospect of buying those particular Fox properties. The bidding war lasted almost a full year (11 months). Finally, on July 20, 2018 Disney made a deal Fox couldn’t refuse or $71.3B. 

This deal could change the cinematic market forever. “I think it will be amazing to see how they use different marvel characters from Fox in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe),” said Anne Hill a marvel fanatic and Snow College student. She continued “I’m pretty confident they have a great plan!” 

 Along with Anne many people in the United States and around the world have been anticipating the possibilities of this merger for years because of the reunion of Wolverine and the X-Men with the rest Marvel’s Avengers. USA Today reported “Bringing together arguably the biggest super groups in comic-book history on the same screen would be a start. It’s the faceoff/team-up that pretty much every superhero fan wants to see!” Clearly many fans and even casual moviegoers are excited for the possibilities to come in the near future. 

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