Distracted Driving

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Photo courtesy of Bryce Lewis

Photo courtesy of Bryce Lewis

Is a life really worth looking at a text or answering a call?  Statistics show that in 2012, over 9% of fatal car crashes were caused by distracted drivers.  That statistic has only gone up since then, resulting in more fatal crashes.

Distracted driving can be categorized simply as anything involving a mobile device.  Whether checking a text, answering a call, or tweeting, drivers are distracted for even a moment.  It is shown that in the case of distracted driving crashes, the accident occurred about three seconds after the person looked down at his or her phone.

Aegis Mobility has come up with a way to make the statistic of fatal crashes due to distracted driving go down.  They have created a software that, when downloaded onto the mobile device, monitors the device once it is in the car with the owner.

After reaching a speed of ten miles per hour, the software disables applications on the cell phone or tablet such as texting, emailing, and social media by locking the keyboard.  This disablement makes it so that the driver cannot check the phone for these things, therefore preventing such high levels of distracted driving.

“Let’s face it, most teenagers will not want this product voluntarily.  It is up to the parent,” said Paul Zimmerman, president and CEO of Aegis Mobility.  Almost 100 car crashes occur per day and 90% of them are caused by distracted driving.

“You talk to any cognitive psychologist; they’ve known this for decades…That the human brain can only focus on one attention-requiring task at any given moment. The other task is always in the background,” said David Teater, senior director for the National Safety Council.

The application software created by Aegis Mobility is called “FleetSafer,” and is available for download, including a free trial, and then different purchasing options.

When programmed onto a smart phone or device, it automatically detects the speed the driver is going and it locks the keyboard and silences all notifications so that drivers cannot access anything that would distract them.

“CNA is demonstrating leadership in the space by proactively addressing the leading cause of vehicle accidents and offering solutions to their customers. Together we will help raise awareness with their customers and present them with an option to address the problem of distracted driving,” said Olen Vanderleeden, vice president over Sales and Business Development at Aegis Mobility.

Aegis Mobility’s entire goal with this software is to lower the amount of distracted driving related car crashes in order to save lives and raise awareness of just how important putting down the phone can be.

In order to not become part of a statistic, many should consider downloading their “FleetSafer” software or just put down the phone.  Driving while distracted can almost instantly cause injury or fatality.

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