Don’t See Sinister 2

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Sinister 2 is all of the worst things in a horror movie mixed into one film. Everything that was so great about the first Sinister movie was lost in Sinister 2. The first Sinister was a great movie because you did not know anything. It was a mystery that you wanted to find out. Near the end of the first movie you find out everything. Because of that, the plot to Sinister 2 was easily predictable.

In Sinister 2 instead of seeing the ghost children every once in a while like the first movie, you see the ghost children throughout the entire movie. Dylan and Zach are the twin brothers who have a single mom named Courtney. The ghost children from previously murdered families haunt Dylan. But the ghost children come out as cheesy and not scary at all. If it wasn’t for the violent tapes the ghosts show the child, I would have thought I was watching some kid movie with ghosts in it.

The worst part of the movie was that Kyle knew Dylan was being haunted by the ghost children. But it did not make him scared. It made him jealous that his little brother was being talked to by ghosts. So the whole movie he is jealous and fights his brother about it. This just caused an annoyance in the movie. There are no likeable characters in this movie. All the actors seemed very dull and boring.

Bughuul is the demon that eats the children’s souls. He is very creepy in the first film because you hardly ever see him. Sinister 2 decided that they needed to put him in a jump scare every five minutes. Sinister 2 turned Bughuul into a laughing stock. This movie is a joke. The only reason you’d be glad you saw it was because it is one of those movies you can make fun of with your friends. Dull scripts, dull characters, goofy jump scares and way too many children actors for a scary movie. It is really hard to make kids scary in a horror movie.

IGN gave this movie a 1 out of 10. Rotten tomatoes gave this movie a 13%. There isn’t a good review for this movie. This movie falls flat on everything you want in a horror movie, which is a shame because the first film was great. This movie would have had to be very good to top the first. I watched it not having high hopes from it and was still disappointed.

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