Don’t Suffer in Silence: Fulbright Scholar to Speak about Drug Abuse

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Graphic by Alyssa Brunson

Graphic by Alyssa Brunson

Dr. Brendan Quinn, a Fulbright Scholar, is visiting convocations February 2nd. Dr. Quinn is an epidemiologist, or an expert that deals will the control of diseases, based in Australia. He will be speaking on licit and illicit drug and addiction trends, and how to address drug-related harms. Despite seeming like a not so serious problem, has become a more prevalent issue in Utah.

Celia Benson, the coordinator of Convocations, chose Dr. Quinn from the list of Fulbright scholars to come lecture. “I chose Dr. Quinn because drug abuse is an issue in Utah, primarily among young adults,” said Professor Benson.

Utah’s drug abuse problem was highlighted in Lisa Ling’s article entitled, “Inside Utah’s struggle with drug abuse.” The article mentioned that Utah is eighth in the nation for prescription drug overdose deaths. This problem was even called an epidemic by a young mother that was looking to escape it’s reaches.

The view that drug addiction is not a prevalent problem for people in such a small, rural town, is inaccurate. Drugs and other addictive substances will affect everyone, whether through your own experiences or others. “No matter where you go you’ll interface with people that struggle with addiction,” said Prof. Benson.

Snow College is fortunate to have a Fulbright Scholar lecturing, not only because of the applicable information on drug related harms, but because of the renown of the Fulbright program.

The Fulbright program gives opportunities of research and teaching to people from all around the world. It was created after WWII when the US had a surplus of money, so they decided to put it towards academic exchanges. Seventy years later, the program still benefits scholars.

Dr. Quinn is coming to Snow through the opportunities of a being a Fulbright Scholar, and through the Outreach Lecturing Fund (OLF) of the organization. Fulbright’s OLF pays for the scholars travel and enables the scholars to share their research with institutions such as Snow.

Dr. Quinn will be speaking at Convocations on the 2nd of February at 12:30 pm in the Jorgensen Concert Hall. He will also be doing a lecture on the 3rd of February at 4:00 pm in the Founder Hall. The opportunity to learn from Dr. Quinn is one that Snow College students should take the advantage to attend.

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