Drifting Back to 1970 at Snow College

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Adam Allred takes a look over one of the old Snowdrift newspapers, taking notice to how much has changed compared to today. Photo by April Carver

Adam Allred takes a look over one of the old Snowdrift newspapers, taking notice to how much has changed compared to today. Photo by April Carver

Since before 1967 The Snowdrift has been named the on-campus newspaper. For over 50 years, The Snowdrift has been keeping students, and faculty informed about local and campus wide news.

One thing that has stayed the same is The Snowdrifts coverage of the sports teams that represent Snow College. In 1970, the men’s basketball team was referred to as “cagers”. In this year, Snow’s basketball team won against the Dixie College Rebels 106-80. An article that was published February 4, 1970 reads,

“The Snow Badgers played one of their finest games of the year in defeating the BYU Frosh on January 21, 100-76. In a game plagued by 65 fouls, the Badgers managed to hit consistently from the field which proved to be the difference in the game.”

The social life on campus was very different from what it is today. Snow College used to have a national scholastic honor fraternity named Phi Theta Kappa. There were annual “Miss Snow” contests. The “Miss Snow” were similar to the Miss USA pageants that still occur today. Whoever won had the chance to compete in the Miss Utah pageant.

In April of 1970, there was a week that was dedicated to the freshman. It was called “Frosh Week.” The week was filled with different activities and games that would add points to different dorms. The final goal of the week was to win the prize by having the most points out of the freshman dorms. In the article about freshman week published April 22, 1970, the overall outlook on Freshman Week seemed positive.

“FRESHMAN WEEK may well be remembered as one of the greatest activities executed this year.”

The lucky sophomores of Snow College in 1970 were able to attend the proms that were hosted by the school. The theme for the prom was “Some Enchanted Evening.” This theme was picked by the sophomores who would be attending the prom. The music for the prom was provided by The Burt Murdock Orchestra. From Orchestra to DJs Snow College has been providing students with a place to gather and dance for years.

For years, The Snowdrift has been able to keep many people informed about important school events, student’s opinions, local, national and world news, and many other things that have found their way on to the pages. Having this newspaper gives students opportunities to take a look back at newspapers for 10-plus years, and read about what life was like here at Snow College. Who knows, maybe in another 50 years another student writer will look to see what life was like as a Snow College Badger in the year 2017 and write about it?

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Bailey Robinett

Bailey Robinett from Sandy, Utah is currently a sophomore at Snow College where she is
majoring in Communications. After finishing her two years at Snow College, she plans to
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emphasis in Public Relations. Bailey’s career goal is to work in Public Relations for a company
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Speech Lab located on campus.

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