Driving in winter weather

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Photo courtesy www.motorping.com

Photo courtesy www.motorping.com

It is the season to be jolly, but it is also the season for icy roads.

With many students traveling home and spending time with family and friends for the holidays, they need to be safe on the roads so that accidents can be prevented.

With cars being frosted over in the mornings, a student having a scraper in their car can help remove ice and increase visibility. A simple thirty seconds that is spent scraping off a windshield can save lives.

Students should also consider a variety of different winter safety tips as they drive in Ephraim and elsewhere.  Snow College Freshman Dana Mork suggested that: “If it’s snowing outside, drive slower and have both hands on the wheel.” Using this basic strategy will help enhance student safety.

Jensen Whittaker, a Snow College Freshman stated that students should, “anticipate your stop while driving in snow.” If a student comes to a stop sign or a stoplight, they should have enough room between their car and where they will stop.

Having the right tires and weight on a car is also essential to student safety during the winter months.  Drive safe when in the winter. Snow College and The Snowdrift encourages everyone to have fun during the holidays, but also to travel safely.

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