YouTube Sensation, Edbassmaster

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With finals week just around the corner, the stress level for all of you can be very high. But even the smallest amount of laughter can drastically change that level of stress. Now this isn’t finals week survival advice, but it is to inform you that there is just the thing to put a smile to that face. YouTube sensation Edbassmaster could be the remedy that you need. 

Ed Bassmaster, is the strangest man on YouTube.  Ed is a comedian who became famous by his YouTube channel recording hidden-camera pranks and using several personalities.  How he comes up with these absolutely ridiculous videos, nobody really knows, but we do know that they could be considered genius. Making videos since 2006, Ed now makes his living  from these videos. With over one million subscribers, and over 300 million views you could say Ed is quite the comedian.

With over 500 videos, you cannot fail to laugh at least a few of them. So go check out YouTube Edbassmaster yourself and get a good entertainment before you begin the trek to finals week.

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