Education After High School

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Students attending college have made a huge life decision. How a student handles this decision, will make all the difference in their future. So, it is important to be smart with these choices that students are making during this time in their life.
Most people who attend college after high school need to get their generals done, no matter what they plan to go into. Students at Snow college took a step in the right direction. Snow college is a very smart and low cost option to obtain the general education that students need. Snow College’s average tuition rate is about $3,592 for two semesters. This amount is much lower than its other competitors in Utah. For example, the average tuition amount to go to the University of Utah is about $8,515 for two semesters. All in all, Snow college students made the right choice in deciding to get their generals done here, at Snow College.
As a general rule, students need 60 credits in total to graduate with their associates degree. Depending on concurrent enrollment credit, this could mean that students could graduate much earlier than the full two years of going to college. If no college classes were taken in high school, then it usually takes four semesters to earn an associates degree. This is true if a student takes 15 credits per semester. Here is where some students go wrong: a full time student is only required to take 10 credits. When people take 10 credits a semester, they think they will be fine because they are considered a full time student. In doing this, they fall behind the two year mark that it usually takes to graduate with 60 credits.
The average amount of time it takes a person to get a bachelor’s degree should be just four years right? The actual amount of time it takes a person to get a bachelor’s degree is five and a half years. There are a few factors contributing to this. A student could be undecided, and change their major many times, bringing them behind in their schooling. A student could also be taking less credits than they should, which also brings them behind in getting their degree. Another thing to keep in mind is that according to, people with a bachelor’s degree make about an average of $17,500 dollars more than someone with just an associates degree. That roughly translates to an extra $1,459 dollars a month. That sounds pretty sweet right? It really does pay to go to college.
No doubt that students here at Snow college took the right steps in furthering their education. For some people Snow college will be the end of their education. For others, Snow is the first step in many for their future.

Chantell Phipps is from Tremonton Utah. She is currently in her second year at Snow College. She wants to continue her education studying marine biology. She enjoys watching Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Her favorite ice cream flavor is peanut butter chocolate. Her dream is to travel to Australia and go shark cage diving.

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