Ephraim’s 12 Days of Christmas

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Lovers have no presents to give because of recent incidents in Ephraim this holiday season, leading to the lack of Chirtsmas gifts. 

On the first day of Christmas, the pear trees were cut down making room for cornstock, so all the partridges had to fly south for the winter. On the second day, hunters mistook duck season as dove season and left no turtledoves for lovers to send.

On the third day of Christmas, french hens choked on some croissants in the Badgerden.On the fourth day, the cell service was not strong enough for calls. Four birds were unable to contact each other.   

On the fifth day of Christmas, because of too many engagements in Ephraim, there was no more  golden rings left in stock. On the sixth day, all the geese were unable to lay eggs, so Ephraim switched over to turkey farms instead. 

On the seventh day of Christmas, swimming lessons were too full at the AC, so the swans of swimming could not swim. On the eighth day, lost on the elk farm, eight maids of milking found themselves udder-less. 

On the ninth day of Christmas, nine dancers were outshined by the badgerettes and no longer want to dance. On the tenth day, some lords were hit by a car crossing the street and can no longer leap this season. 

 On the eleventh day of Christmas, eleven pipers’ pipes were switched out with duck calls and they can no longer play. On the twelfth day, twelve drummers were drumming into quiet hours, and the RA’s had to take away their drums.  

Keep these in mind of gifts that can no longer be sent as christmas shopping comes around the corner. 

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