The Ethics Bowl Team Prepares to Compete

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A trip to Baltimore, Maryland is just a month away for the Snow College Ethics Bowl team.

Throughout the fall season, eleven Ethics Bowl competitions will be held around the nation.  In these competitions, teams of students analyze ethical matters seen in real-world problems, and give reasons for what decisions they feel should be made.

The stress is increased by a panel of professional judges and by the team’s opponents, who will exploit any hole they find in the team’s logic.

Team member, Rylan Christensen said, “[The] Ethics Bowl is the cat’s pajamas.  It’s a wonderful way to engage the students’ psyche about how to make the world a better place.  It makes you more conscious of the decisions you’re making and who you’re going to affect besides yourself.  It really opens your world up.”

Many college graduates who participated in Ethics Bowl considered it one of the most important parts of their college career. They have carried the skills they learned into their professional and personal lives.

Gregory Wright, Professor of English and Philosophy also explained that the Ethics Bowl looks really good on applications to 4-year colleges and law schools.  That is because the Ethics Bowl gives participants real-world experience in research, analysis, case development, public speaking, and working on a team.  Colleges and graduate schools take those skills very seriously.

Even for someone uninterested in law school or related fields, the skills learned in Ethics Bowl are still important.

Sophomore Nicole Smith said, “Ethical decisions aren’t necessarily over big issues like sexuality or politics.  It’s more about small questions you ask yourself about how to act every day.  How you act in your daily life is a reflection of your ethics and morals.”

The Ethics Bowl team meets in the Humanities Building (room 131) every Tuesday at 5:00 PM, and every Wednesday at 5:30 PM to explore their cases, build friendships, and prepare for their competitions.  Participation is open to the entire student body.  Nobody is required to compete in the tournaments, but everyone is invited to participate in the research.

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