Excitement and Adventure Available in Ephraim

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With a population of 7,072, Ephraim is hardly a thriving metropolis. However, there is plenty of fun to be had in the largest city in Sanpete County.  

The SouthTowne Theater is a great place to go and catch a movie with friends. With two screens and different showing times there is always something to see and enjoy.  

Adrianne Judd said: “It’s a great place to hang out with friends. It’s definitely within a student budget for a weekend splurge.” 

But it is very easy to keep spending to a minimum as there are plenty of options that are practically free. For instance, all students can enter any Snow College productions, athletic events, or concerts on campus, with their Student ID and a couple of bucks. The A-Frames dotted around campus provide further information about on campus activities, or students can check out the calendar at snow.edu. 

Utah is a famously beautiful place, and Ephraim is no exception. Alyssa Worthington said, “Ephraim canyon is gorgeous, especially in the fall!” With the leaves already starting to turn to their fiery shades of yellow and red, it is a definitely worth the drive. There are multiple hikes available for any outdoor enthusiast as well. Sierra Bryson said, “I went rock climbing there once and it was really fun!” 

Ephraim itself is a delightful town with a rich history. Ephraim was established in 1856, and consequently is full of classic, beautiful architecture. It may seem a little boring to just drive around, looking at houses, but not only is it relaxing, it gives people a chance to truly appreciate the small town simplicity and charm.  

But for the more adventurous, there is always the classic Denny’s run. Nothing says college like copious amounts of unhealthy food at very unusual hours. At only a forty five minute drive, Denny’s diner is well within reach and it is always open.  

With so many things to do in Ephraim, there’s no reason to spend this college experience hiding out in a dorm room.   

Students take a break and go on a late night Denny’s run. Photo courtesy of Alen Hajric

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