Experiences in a New while Studying Abroad

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“Ephraim is quiet, calm, and close to animals. It led me to know about this town and also the people.”

I had never been to America when I came to Snow College for a studying abroad program. I have experienced hundreds of new things here, and it has made me change gradually and surely.

Before I came to America, I had a basic knowledge of what life would be like here. I studied English hard, so I was excited to practice my English soon. However, almost all my thoughts about America were collapsed in the first day here. First, in a plane from Seattle to Salt Lake City, I was seated next to a man who looked like an American. When the plane was arriving the airport, I sneezed. Then, the man smiled and said something to me. Now, I understand what he said, but I didn’t know and expect “bless you” at that time. After he said that, we talked about where we are from, the scenery seen from the airplane, and so on. It made me break a wall to talk a stranger. That was my first encounter with new words, new customs, and new people.

My Japanese friend, Makiho Ishikawa said “On the first day I came to America, I found a difference of public bathroom from Japanese one. It was very interesting to me. And, I felt weird when people say not only “hi” but ask “how are you?” Because we just say “hi” in Japan, it was unfamiliar to me. Now, I got used to it, and I like it!

Second, while driving from Salt Lake City to Ephraim, there were surprising things to me. The first thing that jumped into my eyes was one wide and long road surrounded by bare mountains. The road has few traffic signals and curves, and it seemed to be endless. I had never seen such a scenery before, so I was surprised. As we got near Ephraim, I saw cows and horses roaming free in the fields. I heard and knew that Ephraim has many farms, but it was beyond my imagination.

Moreover, the smell also impressed me at that time. It was from turkeys, and stimulated my nose for a while. Actually, it was not a good experience, but I felt that I was getting into peoples’ lives here. Ephraim is quiet, calm, and close to animals. It led me to know about this town and also the people. And now, it became my favorite.

Kevin Tsou, who is from Taiwan said “Food is so sweet here and coke is so cheap! It made me surprised. People are so friendly toward each other. In my country, it is like a big city, everyone is so busy, so we rarely have time to talk to people who we have never met before on street. ”

Staring a new life in a new country makes you surprised, shocked, and sometimes confused. However, the more you experience such things, the more you learn and grow up.

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