Exploring Sanpete

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Emma Stevens and family hike to a rock climbing route in Maple Canyon.  Photo by Emma Stevens

Emma Stevens and family hike to a rock climbing route in Maple Canyon. Photo by Emma Stevens

For many Snow College students who are new to the area, it can be hard to know what to do to have a good time. There are, however, plenty of ways to have fun around campus.  Here are a few ideas.

When it comes to creative and fun date ideas in and around Ephraim, returning students seem to have the upper hand. Tyler Hammond, a sophomore at Snow, recalls some of his favorite places to visit last year.

“Maple Canyon is the best,” explained Tyler, “I’ve always enjoyed taking a date on a hike to see the rad rock walls, then ending the date with a tasty snow creme!”

Maple Canyon is a world renowned rock climbing hot spot on the western mountains in Sanpete Valley. It’s located just west of Wellsville on Freedom Road. There, people can scale all difficulties of walls and go on hikes to petroglyphs and waterfalls.

After exploring the different hikes Maple Canyon has to offer, students like Tyler often drive out to Spring City to the Sugar Plum Cottage, home of the famous “snow crème.”

Located just 10 miles north of Ephraim, the Sugar Plum Cottage has become a local hotspot for college students, both those hanging out with friends or going on dates.

For those students who are looking for an adventure near Ephraim, the Keebler House is an attraction just up Ephraim Canyon.

“I am going on a date to The Keebler House this week!” Explained Sophomore, Madison Saddler “It is a fun little adventure where you can go check out the geo-cash and sign your name in a book.”

One of the largest trees in Sanpete County is found up Ephraim Canyon and, built within, is a little house that is now known as the “Keebler House” due to the small elf characters found inside the tree trunk.

Regardless of whatever adventure you choose, there are plenty of ways to make your own fun!

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