Express Yourself with Hip Hop

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Snow Krew, a hip-hop club, was founded by Shay Krebs in 2014, and only had 12 initial dancers, but has grown to 45 plus members.


Snow Krew has performed twice this semester. The dances performed at each performance were different. On the 21st they performed at, but didn’t compete in, “Snow You Think You Can Dance” Competition, and they danced to, “OG” by Bobby Johnson.  On the 22nd they performed at Manti High School’s drill night, and they danced to, “She Twerkin” by Cash Out.


Bryce Nelson joined the Snow Krew club this semester, and it’s the first time he has danced hip-hop. Even so, he thoroughly enjoys the new dances that he’s learning. “I love to dance and it’s one of my favorite things to do because you can do just about anything you want without caring what others think of you. That’s why Snow Krew is so much fun, because they encourage you to dance with your own style and be yourself. Snow Krew is very welcoming and treats everyone like family no matter what your lifestyle is.”


Makelle Montgomery aka Kellebelle, according to her Snow Krew jersey, has been dancing since she was three years old, and is a member of Snow Krew. “I live to dance, and I dance to live. Dancing is my passion, and Snow Krew is the best way for me to release my stress throughout the week.”


The time and date of Snow Krew’s next performance isn’t set as of yet, but it will be a performance that you wouldn’t want to miss. Anyone who wants to come and learn to dance hip-hop with them is welcome. Snow Krew practices from 8-10 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Athletic Center Dance Studio.


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