Families Traditions at Snow

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A time of year that we can count on for having crazy, weird and unique traditions, is Christmas. Snow college is a very diverse campus, with students from different cultures and backgrounds.

One of the ways that makes these students so different from each other is how they celebrate their time off with family and friends. When asking Tanner McKay what his favorite holiday tradition is, he responded, “Hookiebobbing without a doubt! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a tradition in my hometown where you tie ropes to sleds and attach those ropes to the back of a truck, tractor or in Huntsville a horse! It’s not something that is done on a certain day or time, but when the snow is just right, everyone gets decked out in their warmest winter clothes and hits the sleds. No matter the time of day, whether it’s 3 pm or am, the streets of Huntsville are the place to be.”

McKay siblings enjoy the Christmas tradition of hookiebobbing in Hunstman. Photo courtesy of Hannah McKay

A pretty common, basic tradition is Christmas Eve PJ’s and binging holiday movies. Snow College student, Sage Stahley shared in regard to her experience of Christmas Pajamas, “The night of Christmas Eve, Santa hides a pickle ornament on our tree. After all the presents are unwrapped, whoever finds the pickle ornament first, gets to open the special pickle present, which is the last to be opened.” Pickles and Hookiebobbing aren’t the only new traditions this season.

Sadie Arnold shared her favorite Christmas tradition that they got from their good friend, Buddy the Elf. “On Christmas Eve we all open presents, get dressed in pjs, and on the way back into the family room one of my siblings, depending on what year it is, will run and jump on the tree. Just like Buddy the elf we let it fall over. This year it’s my brothers turn to jump on the tree, and I already know my mom is going to get so mad!” 

This holiday season, if you are in a spontaneous mood or just looking for something new, give one of these fun and exciting Christmas traditions a try!

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