Fast Change in Weather in Ephraim

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Weather changes happen quickly in Ephraim. It seemingly goes from summer one day to fall the next. The weather calls for a jacket in the mornings while walking to class, while students could wear a t-shirt by the afternoon.

The cooler weather comes to Sanpete County around October. The leaves off the trees start to change color and fall off. It’s still warm enough to do things during the day, but at night it starts to cool.

Despite often being chilly, it is the perfect time of year that students can walk around campus and see the leaves all over the ground.

Katelyn Robbins, a Snow College student said “I like how it is still warm enough outside that you can go and do activities with friends.”

Landon Facer, a sophomore at Snow says, “I love the weather; it isn’t too hot or too cold. I have always loved the leaves falling and the wind sweeping my soul into flight. This time of year is truly a time where I feel alive.”

This is the time of year were students can jump through leaves, making themselves feel like a kid again. Students should feel the fun of fall, but also prepare themselves for the coming chilliness of winter.

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