Firework Laws

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Due to the increasing summer wildfires and the damage that they have caused, Utah State Legislature has been considering some big changes with the laws surrounding fireworks. 

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The proposal that legislators are considering says that fireworks will only be allowed July 2-5 and 22-25 rather than the former dates of July 1-7 and 21-27. This shift stems from the high amount of calls to emergency dispatchers responding to firework related emergencies, which can tie up phone lines for other emergencies. 

Utah legalized aerial fireworks in 2011. Stemming from that decision, there has been an increase in fires and accidents, according to the Fire Marshall. This led to Mayor Jeff Silvestrini stating “There were delays in response time to other calls, which is always a bad situation… It put other residents in danger because of the fireworks issues.” After much lobbying and compromise the bill made it to its 16th draft and with a unanimous vote for the draft to pass and be implemented.  

The proposal is now on the fast track for 2018. This will require all firework outlets to inform buyers of the dates when their products can be used. If any fireworks are set off outside of the aforementioned dates, offenders can receive fines and further possible disciplinary actions. 

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