First Time in Tampa

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There have been 54 Super Bowls played in the history of NFL football. Yet, Super Bowl 55 seems to be the most intriguing one of them all.

As Patrick Mahomes leads “Chiefs Kingdom” into Tampa Bay to face the “Pewter Pirates” and Tom Brady, history looks to be made in more ways than one.

The biggest and most obvious historic milestone this game presents is that this will be the first time a team will play the championship in their home stadium. Tom Brady commented on this saying, “Obviously, everything’s different this year, with us being at home. I’m sure it’ll feel like just another game, although we all know it’s just not another game.”

With this team accomplishment, Tom Brady is reaching individual accolades as well.

First, Brady will become this first player ever to make 10 Super Bowl appearances. He will also become the oldest quarterback to start in the Super Bowl as well. If he is able to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a win on Sunday, he will then become the only NFL player to ever win seven Super Bowls. These are records that many believe will never be broken.

While Tom Brady has been historically great, Patrick Mahomes is nothing short of amazing himself. 

In his first two years as a starter, Mahomes received NFL MVP honors, and followed that up by leading his team to the Super Bowl while receiving MVP of that game as well. Now, he looks to become the first quarterback to lead his team to back-to-back Super Bowl wins in 16 years. On this, Mahomes said, “To go up against one fo the greatest, if not the greatest quarterback of all-time in his 150th Super Bowl is gonna be a great experience. The last person to do that was ironically Tom Brady in 2003 and 2004 with the New England Patriots.

This game is ultimately a battle between the greatest and the best.

Football will always be the most complex team game, but most people are tuning into this one to watch these two quarterbacks. Most people consider Tom Brady as the greatest QB of all time. Yet, there are many who already believe Patrick Mahomes is the best or most talented QB to ever play. Will Bradys’ greatness win the day, or will Mahomes talent prevail in the end?

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