Football Preseason Reconsidered

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Photo courtesy of NJCAA Twitter

Photo courtesy of NJCAA Twitter

The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) could possibly reconsider the structure of the football postseason in the coming years.

The NJCAA currently uses the bowl game system which is modeled after the old NCAA Bowl Championship Series (BCS).

A playoff system was implemented in the NCAA after decades using the BCS. The top four nationally ranked teams qualify for this tournament to compete for the national championship.

Many fans of NCAA football were calling for a playoff system to be implemented as the BCS system was widely viewed as unfair. College players are also largely in favor of a playoff system being implemented. Freshman safety Johnny Luke expressed his support of a playoff system when asked if he preferred a bowl game to decide a national champion or a playoff.

This is the first season that the playoff system is being used in the NCAA and the success of the postseason could possibly influence other college football divisions, like the NJCAA, to re-evaluate their postseason play.

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