Football Starts Their Season

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Snow gets ready for a nice play. Photo by Jossalyne Foster

With the new school year starting up, Snow College football is back. The boys have started the season off strong as they remain undefeated 3-0 against Gordon’s Academy of Fine Arts, Gilda  River, and MTI (McDougal Technical Institute). 

Come support your school in watching this year’s 2021 fall season football games.

 Taylor Larsen, the returning first team All-American receiver for Snow College’s football team says “We get so excited when the students come out to our games because it makes us feel we’re a part of something big at Snow college. 

We’re all together in this, it’s not just us on the field but really everybody coming out to support and have fun. Snow College really becomes a brotherhood?’ Kieontie Scott, another returning All-American Defensive back for Snow College says “We worked hard to build a family-oriented team. We worked really hard last year and that’s coming up short. It makes us even hungrier for this year to get us back to where we were last year.” 

Chemistry has been built since day one. They have done training all summer to come and win the National Championship this year. These past two games have been a great way for them to see where they are to solidify the chemistry and become better. Football means a lot to these boys. Cole Bowers, the middle linebacker on the football team says,”football is everything to me. It gives me a sense in this life and an opportunity to better myself both on the field and off the field. It teaches you life lessons you never thought you would get like how to get along with players who you never thought you could. It also teaches us how to fight through adversity because everybody knows that life isn’t fair and life is not easy, just like on a football field there are going to be ups and downs and it is important to fight through it? 

Stay updated on the upcoming games for this season. has all the games for the rest of the season. Bring the Badger spirit and come help bringing energy to the field. Cheer on these boys as they continue to work hard and take on the National Championship. 

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