Forensics Wins Again!

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Photo by Haylee Hunsaker

Photo by Haylee Hunsaker

Snow Forensics team had another successful tournament at Casper College Wyoming.

They took 3rd in overall sweepstakes awards which are given to the top teams of the tournament.

The team came home with several awards. Morgan P. Aldous took first overall speaker, and made it to semi-finals in Parliamentary Debate (partners with Haylee), IPDA and Extemporaneous speaking. Haylee Hunsaker took 8th overall speaker 3rd in Speaking to Entertain as well as breaking into semi-finals in Parliamentary Debate (partners with Morgan).

Kasie Bussard took 6th overall speaker in Novice 2nd in Communication Analysis as well as breaking into Parliamentary Debate semi-finals (partners with Zane) Zane Yarbrough took 7th overall speaker (Novice) as well as breaking into semi-finals in Parliamentary Debate (partners with Kasie). Shawn McCoy took 2nd in Poetry Interpretation.

Speech Captain Morgan Aldous comments on the tournament, “Placing in team sweeps again is really satisfying, especially since the other teams are all at least twice our size. We’re a small team, but we have a reputation on the circuit as tough competition. Most of our opponents don’t realize we’re a junior college.”

The Speech and Debate team is already working hard and getting ready for their next competition in November.






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