French Student Presents Native Country for International Club

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On Wednesday September 16, international student, Hugo Zunic, presented his home country of France for the International Club.

Zunic highlighted several different aspects of French culture. “It was a good opportunity to explain the culture, art and food of France,” he said. After spending a considerable time describing different desserts, dishes, cheeses, and breads, one can understand why Zunic said that the thing he misses most about home is the food.

Zunic also described French Art, listing many famous artists, as well as France and the Cinema, largely focusing on le Festival du Cannes. Another subject was the important monuments of France. Student Eliza Peterson said that was her favorite part, simply stating, “The different places and museums he talked about were neat.”

Hugo Zunic shares the culture of his home country, France, during an International Club country presentation. Photo by Tessa Thornley

While also describing French fashion and the relations between the US and France, Zunic took a moment to brag about the 2018 World Cup French victory. Showing a short YouTube clip of the game highlights, students reveled in the final game. “It was a beautiful memory for the French,” Zunic remembered.

The night finished with students partaking of the typical French dessert of crepes, while milling about. French professor, Sheryl Bodrero, found the evening to be a success. “I believe it’s always good for students to learn about these different cultures,” stated Mrs. Bodrero, “I hope it inspires them to learn more.”

The international club’s efforts to educate students on the many countries represented in our student body has thus far been a success and will continue to be so this year.

Tessa Thornley is a Communications major, in her second year at Snow College. She chose the path of journalism because of her love of storytelling. She inherited that love from her English teacher mother, and after growing up in the passenger seat of her dad's pickup truck, hearing his tales. She aspires to continue documenting people's stories through words and photos as a photojournalist.

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