Friday the 13th: Unlucky or Not?

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Five horrific and heartbreaking tragedies surrounding the infamous date of “Friday the 13th” happened this November 2015.

On Friday, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck off Japan’s southwestern coast. While there have not been any immediate reports of death or injury, the earthquake has triggered a tsunami that registered on the southern Nakanoshima island.

In a mosque in Baghdad, attacks by ISIS included a suicide bombing at a funeral, killing at least 19 people and wounding 33 others.

On Friday, time of mourning was held for the 43 killed and 239 others injured by ISIS in four suicide bombings that exploded within 490 feet and five minutes of each other in a highly populated area in southern Beirut, Lebanon. The attacks had happened the day before.

Another earthquake was reported on the border of Southern California and Baja, Mexico. The earthquake registered at a 4.3 magnitude causing destruction and chaos.

Leaving a nation to mourn the loss of at least 128 people, ISIS also claims responsibility for attacking Paris on Friday. In a horrific attack by terrorists, some using AK-47’s and others with bombs strapped to their bodies, the massacre happened at a soccer stadium filled with people, and four other sites around the French capital, including restaurants and a rock concert.

While obviously the earthquakes cannot be planned or scheduled, like 9/11, which represents an emergency, the terrorists chose that day for that reason. It is not a far reach to believe that the terrorists of these attacks planned and carried out their mayhem on a day with such pointed meaning.

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