Have You Ever Met A Girl That You Tried To Date

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CrystalSnow.FriendZoneLet’s face it, no one likes being stuck in the friend zone. Luckily for those trapped in this eternal abyss of relationship there may be hope.

The fact is that falling into the friend zone just happens. Usually it is because that person mistakes your extra kindness and interest for you just wanting to be friends. It is a communication problem from the start.

There are a number of telltale signs. If you have experienced any of the following, there is a good chance you are in the friend zone: nicknames, secret handshakes, discussing your problems, treating each other as siblings, discussing other relationships, and asking for advice. All are key indicators that you have been friend zoned.

Snow College student Cheyne Christensen put it this way, “I hate the friend zone. I feel like it is impossible to get out. I wish that there were some way to just let the person know without it being awkward.”

Although at times it may seem impossible to escape this labyrinth, there is hope. After much research and experimentation, I have come up with the following steps for liberation. You will need to weigh the outcomes before starting.

Step one is to break the “nice guy” stereotype. So many people are scared of ruining their relationship with that special person so they will do or say anything to preserve it, thus the friend zone. To make the change you need to be willing to take risks and possibly sacrifice your relationship.

Step two, make them appreciate you. You have obviously already developed a relationship with this person so use that to your advantage. Stop spending so much time with him or her. If they are used to you always being around, they will miss you when you have been gone for a while.

Step three is to act. Just go for it. The friend zone begins because of the lack of communication and it will only end by fixing the problem and communicating. It can go one of three ways. They will fall for you, they will run away from you, or you will continue awkwardly as friends.

Just remember that the best remedy to any problem is prevention. If you think you like someone, just go for them. Remember all of those times you were trapped in the friend zone and make your move quick before you are swallowed up.

Much Love,

Ryan Aagard

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