Funny Student Excuses 

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  • Student: I failed chemistry because I broke my hand.

Counselor: But you got an A in weight lifting.

Student: I submitted my assignment on time last night. But this morning when I checked I accidently resubmitted it so please don’t dock me points.

Teacher: You know I can see the content of both submissions. Your first submission was only half done.

I didn’t do my homework because my roommate is sick.

Teacher: Why were you late?

Student: I really didn’t want to be here.

My car got stuck in the snow, and I had to use my assignment to help me get out.

Teacher: Asked student a question on a passage he had just read.

Student: I don’t know I wasn’t listening while I was reading.

I know this is crazy but my dog really did eat my homework. Hands teacher bitten up homework. You can see some of the problems I did.

Student: I missed the test because I fell asleep.

Teacher: I gave you a week to take the test.

Student: I’ve just been so stressed out lately.

I didn’t do my assignment because I got distracted watching TV.

Teacher: You’re late.

Student: I know, but I was about to get out of my car when my favorite song came on the radio and I just couldn’t get out.

I had the homework in my hand but on the way here a huge gust of wind blew it out of my hands. That’s also why I’m late; I was chasing after it.

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