The Future of Food

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Heather Reid is a Snow College student who put together the Future of Food event that will take place on December 4, 2014. The event started out as an assignment for her Interdisciplinary Culture and Environment class. The class was assigned to start some sort of project dealing with the environment.

Reid hadn’t necessarily planned on organizing this event at first; she just wanted to raise awareness about some issues regarding a topic she cared about.

Reid said, “I am very passionate about health in general, and healthy food accessibility is becoming limited and more difficult. I wanted to raise awareness of some current issues with food that are becoming more of a concern for the future. It kind of just worked out that I organized an event.”

According to Reid, the event took most of November to plan. Chad Dewey and Charles Yeager have helped in this process, and as Reid puts it, have “made it great.” Dewey will be speaking on both the benefits as well as the concerns of Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs. Yeager will be speaking on the availability of healthy food.

Reid hopes that the Future of Food event will spark conversations on campus about food security and sustainability. She said, “I really just hope that people will come and learn about these topics so they can gain their own opinions and solutions. If people are interested in security and sustainability of food, GMOs, or food deserts they should come check out this presentation.”

Future of Food will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday in the Huntsman Library Auditorium. It is free and will be open to campus and the community. Light refreshments will be served.

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