The Game of Basketball Brings Sanpete Community Together

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On Tuesday November 8th, 2016 Snow College’s Communications Department held a very special evening. On this night, Sanpete families joined together at Horne Activity Center to cheer on teams at the 3rd annual Badger Ballers Special Needs game.

Snow College Basketball teams join together with special need citizens to play a recreation basketball game. Head basketball coach, Robert Nielson, stated that the players on his team learn a lot. “It teaches them that not everyone gets to have the opportunities they have, not everyone can play college basketball.”

The event featured two teams of special need players, along with men’s and women’s Snow College basketball players to assist. Four quarters are played with performances from Snow College cheerleaders and Badgerette dance team at half time.

During this special event the crowd cheers and encourages everyone on each team. Along with the cheer team, the school jazz band also participates to help provide a fun exciting environment for all the players. “I think it’s a great experience. It gives everyone the opportunity to shine, and everyone has to work together” said Mason Rich, number 25 on Snow Colleges Basketball team.

The cheering almost never stops during this game. Both sides hear roaring cheers every time a basket is scored. The excitement can be seen on both the crowd and the players’ faces. The parents of one girl with special needs named Emily, who played for the blue team, said she was excited before the game. They couldn’t believe how much work had been put into making sure the kids had an amazing time.

Badger Ballers has become a huge success for Snow College and Sanpete county. After three years running, all hope this tradition will continue for year and years to come.

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