Get Lost in the Stars

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Did you know that Snow College has its very own Planetarium?

The Planetarium is located on the third floor of the Graham Science Building in room 324. The Planetarium is dome shaped and fits up to 25 people but due to Covid, only 15 spots are available.

This is the only Planetarium south of Provo, it provides a glimpse into our universe. The Snow Planetarium is used for astronomy classes and other college groups, but can also be reserved for small groups. School groups of all ages, community, church, youth, and family groups are also welcome to schedule private shows.

Tia Lee, a student here at Snow College, when asked about her experience in the Planetarium said, “It was cool and interesting! It was like I was in space!” Lee continued, “While I was there I didn’t want to leave, and I have wanted to go back ever since.” 

The Planetarium also puts on public shows on Wednesday nights. There will be two upcoming shows on March 3. The first one will be at 7pm titled ‘From Earth to the Universe’ and at 8pm the show ‘Light Years from Andromeda.’ Both shows are free.

Each show runs approximately 30 minutes. Sydney Elchiberger, a badger and space enthusiast, said “The show I went to was amazing! I learned a lot about a potential 9th planet in our solar system. I was really impressed.” 

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